My baby is 5 months old and we often play flashcards with her - she loves the bright colors and the funny sounds we make as we show her these. This inspired me to develop a skill so that she can play flash cards when she is older whenever she wants.

What it does

Shows kids cards on various categories - animals, colors, body parts and clothes. The child can then guess, if he/she doesn't know, they can ask for a hint or the answer. When the card was answered correctly, it can also be asked to play a sound (animals category only). And Alexa also provide facts and the spelling of the word.

How I built it

Using the ask-cli and the new Alexa APL

Challenges I ran into

Learning the new APL, and learning how Alexa integrates with lambda and dynamoDB

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually having a skill that works and looks cool but that is also useful for kids in terms of their development

What I learned

The Alexa presentation language and developing skills for Alexa

What's next for Alexa Flash Cards

Add more categories and cards, and make it more intuitive. Adding functionality for Alexa to remember the cards that was answered correctly, and then display the other ones first. Add premium content and the ability for a user to buy card packs

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