Fitness does not only have to be for people who go to the gym regularly! Our inspiration for this app was to make a seamless workout experience with the Amazon Alexa for people who want to workout in the comfort of their own homes. We wanted to integrate Alexa with hardware sensors and a camera, so she can analyze your workout and make sure you follow through (for the lazy people out there!). With this app, fitness can be for anyone!

What it does

We had 2 IOT devices (raspberry pis) that were used to collect data on the workout. One pi is secured on the arm to collect acceleration data and another pi is placed in front of the user to record their workout and check form. These devices asynchronously send the data to the Alexa, which can give feedback to the user through the app. E

We use machine learning to analyze the accelerometer data and give accurate feedback on the quality and amount of push ups. We also use visualization algorithms to analyze the user and count how many squats, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. they do. This data is relayed to the user at the end of the workout.

How we built it

2 Raspberry Pis, one with accelerometer and one with pi cam, to analyze workout. Linear Regression analysis on collected accelerometer data and OpenCV algorithms to count reps. Amazon alexa api and lambda functions to drive the workout experience. Publisher-Subscriber IOT frameworks to asynchronously send data to the backend SQL database on which the Alexa checks.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the flow control for the Amazon Alexa, and making it "work" with the sensors Integrating all the data from the sensors and relaying it to the Alexa during the workout Figuring out Publisher Subscriber IOT frameworks and getting all the moving components to integrate together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to use sensors asynchronously and integrate it with the Alexa flow for the app. Learning about and using IOT microservices APIs. Our first hardware hack!

What we learned

How to use IOT microservice apis, Amazon Alexa apis/lambda functions, and learning how to read and interpret data from hardware sensors.

What's next for Alexa-Fitness-Pal

Different types of workouts, intergration with MyFitnessPal apis, Fitbit integration, heart rate sensors.

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posted an update

  • Made a Camera Module that runs over Raspberry Pi 3 and PiCamera to track user activity using OpenCV. The module can count the number of squats or the number of jumps user makes. Calibrated the parameters to reflect more accuracy

  • Trained a model using Linear Regression to predict the number of Push-Ups that the user did, using the data that comes in from the accelerometer. The module can also tell you about the quality of your push-ups.

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