We wanted to tap into the power of Amazon Alexa's voice control to send email.

What it does

Using voice control, you can send emails with Alexa!

How we built it

By using the Alexa Skills SDK, Alexa reads voice commands to interpret an email body which relays to SendGrid's API to send the email.

Challenges we ran into

The learning curve to Alexa's SDK was very steep, it took multiple hours and tutorials to begin piecing together the final project. Additionally, connecting the two frameworks proved challenging as we had to ensure all of SendGrid's requirements were on the Amazon Lambda function running the skills program, including the API key.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Navigating all the various requirements from the software we used took time, but the connected framework allowing emails to be sent from an Alexa Skill was something to be proud of.

What we learned

Managing required packages and installations on a Lambda Function, and how to use the Alexa SDK and SendGrid's API.

What's next for Alexa Emailer

Alexa's SDK allows for extremely comprehensive programs with accurate voice recognition. Alexa Emailer's functionality can be improved by allowing one to customize the email further, such as the subject line, email contacts directly, etc.

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