The main inspiration for this project is the device Alexa, we thought incorporating Alexa into our project was a good idea knowing how popular they are becoming.

What it does

Our project uses an Alexa skill developed by our team to send responses to a website called Airtables, which is used for a database, then a website developed by us fetches that data from the tables to display it for anyone to see. So essentially the website will be the visual collection of what people to say to Alexa using our skill. Example, "Alexa open chat world", this will open our skill, then the user can say what they want, it will be sent to Airtables then our website will fetch that and display it. Original idea was to just display a chat room that anyone can message to using the Alexa skill, but we ran into problems with catching free form speech, so instead we have a simple poll system where people can vote on questions and those will be displayed on the website.

Challenges I ran into

  • Sending responses from Alexa to Airtables
  • VUI (Voice User Interface) limitations
  • Alexa can't easily catch free form speech

What we learned

  • How Alexa works
  • How to develop our own Alexa skills

What's next for Alexa Chat World

  • Implementing our original idea to have a world wide chat
  • Add features like having different sections, being able to like messages, connecting it to twitter, etc.
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