• Saw a need for mental health service provision in Amazon Alexa

What it does

• Created Amazon Alexa skill in Node.js to enable Alexa to empathize with and help a user who is feeling low

• Capabilities include: probing user for the cause of low mood, playing soothing music, reciting inspirational quote

How we built it

• Created Amazon Alexa skill in Node.js using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Lambda Function

Challenges we ran into

• Accessing the web via Alexa, making sample utterances all-encompassing, how to work with Node.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Made a stable Alexa skill that is useful and extendable

What we learned

• Node.js, How to use Amazon Web Services

What's next for Alexa Baymax

• Add resources to Alexa Baymax (if the user has academic issues, can provide links to helpful websites), and emergency contact information, tailor playlist to user's taste and needs, may commercialize by adding an option for the user to book therapy/massage/counseling session

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