Alexa and other smart home devices continue to become staples in our homes, cars, and offices. This direct exposure to these devices facilitates interactions between humans and machines that were not previously available. From helping to remind us what time to wake up, to providing facts from the internet, these devices continue to play an integral part in our day to day activity. Such is now the case in the context of work. Our smart devices are now collaborators as we spearhead into a future of integrated work.

What it does

Amazon Alexa is a supporting artist in the song Alexa.

How I built it

We brainstormed lyrics and received feedback from sponsors and mentors on improving the message. Then we searched for instrumentals that represent the positive synergies achieved by human-machine collaboration. After that, we hacked and recorded Amazon Alexa's voice and mixed it into the base song. Then Ivy spent the rest of the evening rehearsing the song.

Challenges I ran into

Programming Alexa to verbalize the correct phrase in the correct musical key.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Wrote, mixed, and sung a 3:30 minute song about Amazon Alexa, with Amazon Alexa.

What I learned

Alexa Skill Blueprints has a plethora of useful APIs.

What's next for Alexa ft. Amazon Alexa

In the future, Amazon Alexa may utilize machine learning to stitch together common phrases and construct a hit single.

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