I had build the 30 Day Full Body Challenge a few months ago and when i heard about the Alexa Presentation Language I figured it would be the perfect enhancement to an already kick ass skill. the presentation layers adds imagery to enhance the expirience.

What it does

The full body challenge is a skill that walks the user through an exercise program that last 30 days, it starts off easier and as you progress the exercises get more challenging with having to do more repetitions of the given exercises. The skill tracks your progress through the days.

How I built it

I built this using alexa skill kit developer console along with an aws lambda built with C# and it uses dynamodb to store history of last day completed and uses aws S3 to for music and images.The biggest improvement is the fact it uses the Alexa Presentation Language for all the display screens on devices that support visual.

Challenges I ran into

The APL was the most challenging for me, I got through it with the great documentation. I am a backend developer and I don't get along with UI. :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting through my issues/hicups I ran into with the APL, I also got the touch events to work using only APL. I didnt have to enable the alexa display interface.

What I learned

I learned APL is fun and can greatly enhance an alexa skill.

What's next for Alexa 30 Day Full Body Challenge

Possibly add more on tracking a users activities completed.

Built With

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