Our daily lives revolve around 2 focuses: food and socializing. Alexa++ augments Amazon Echo to fully support your daily life by providing recipes, cooking instructions, and even cooking tips for your culinary needs. While you wait for your food to cook, catch up on news and trends that are relevant to you through Alexa's analysis on twitter and emoji use!

Combined with Echo's standard skill set, Alexa++ can quickly become part of you daily routine. Alexa++ augments daily interactions with Echo to become a staple in every household.

What it does

Alexa++ allows Echo to assist you in the 2 most important things in our daily lives: food and socializing. Chef Alexa++ can give you step by step instructions to make whatever dish you're craving, backed by 330k+ recipes.

CHEF ALEXA++ "Alexa, I want to make chicken salad"

Did I hear chicken salad?


"Alright, rinse the lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes..."

For relevant, trending news that you care about, Alexa++ turns to twitter to provide context to news. Not just limited to headlines from CNN or NBC, Alexa++ will delve into the feelings associated with trending topics, including emoji sentiment analysis!

FEELS "Alexa, how does Twitter feel about Harambe?"

Twitter feel negatively about #harambe. Crying emoji is most common. Overall, #harambe emoji sentiment is 30/100.

Continue looking at news, twitter, or social media through the web version of Alexa++.

How I built it

We built 2 skills for Alexa which required drafting custom utterances and routes. Then we plugged in APIs which required research and time.

What's next for Alexa++

After cleaning up Alexa Chef and adding more depth to news stories and trends we plan to submit this as an Alexa app to Amazon!

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