There were several things that inspired the idea of MentHer. One of them was LinkedIn as we admire how professionals connect through the network. However, we felt that it lacked the importance of being able to connect mentors with mentees. Additionally, we believe that providing a platform that connects women mentors and mentees would be a step in the right direction to further improve gender equality across the world.

What it does

MentHer connects mentees and mentors together. Mentees are women that are interested in pursuing a specific career and MentHer connects her to a mentor that has experience with this career. This would be very beneficial as it provides mentees with the knowledge on how to get started with the career that they are interested in pursuing.

How we built it

We built it using angular and firebase. Features:

  1. Profile Creation
  2. User Roles: Mentor and Mentee
  3. Coffee Chats (A calendar displaying available time slots for coffee chats on calendar)
  4. Job opportunities and upcoming events Page
  5. Feedback via mentors to mentees

Challenges we ran into

Having a live calendar, with dates in sync with days and leap year count, was difficult to implement and we came across various challenges in the same. Implementing all the features in the given time constraint was one of the major challenges for us! Managing our time, the right way helped us a lot in successfully building the product. It was an amazing learning experience for us overall!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of overcoming our challenges and building the application.

What we learned

A lot and lot of things, and creating the calendar was such a fun experience! It was amazing to see it working finally!

What's next for MentHer

MentHer would need to first be implemented in a geographic area to determine its success. If successful, expansion across other countries and continents would be the way forward.

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