After the lockdown measures eases, people are rushing towards restaurants and the wokers can't manage the highly fluctuating rush. The workers/manager should need to see the real-time count on a monitor to adijust the need along with alerting the manager to assign more workers. This helps in reducing the rush and gives a proper social distancing measure.

What it does

It will give real-time customer count which is on a monitor placed at the store/shop and alert the manager if the count exceed a limit. Uses Nvidia Jetson nano(100 usd SBC) Single Board computer and a webcam to pull this off

How we built it

Built it using Tensorflow, Computer vision, PagerDuty

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the model on Nvidia Jetson Nano was tough

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a working prototype

What we learned

Practical AI appliation

What's next for Alerting the shop owner when customers count increases

Integrating in the shop and use it in real-time

Built With

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