The need to use technology to stop the rising danger of citizen safety in Nigeria after witnessing several life-threatening events stemming from insecurity.

What it does

It ensures users' safety is assured by notifying user's families and friend whenever they are in need of help.

Prospective come to the app, register and filling the recipient form for who they want to receive alert about them whenever they are in emergency. Afterwards, the registered user filled the message form which is the message that will be send to the recipients.

In addition, the user fills the Alert form which covers the time interval the user wants his/her filled recipients to receive the alert.

Afterwards, at emergency situation the user fires the Trigger button which automatically picks the users location and sends notifications (email and SMS) to the recipients at the specified time interval imputed. At the moment, the time is at five minutes interval though.

How we built it

It is built with Javascript for both backend (NodeJS) and frontend (VueJS).

Challenges we ran into

Getting accurate users' locations as they navigate about even after they have triggered an alert.

Also, both of us are fully engaged in full time employment which makes it extremely difficult to implement all that we planned to implement in the short span of the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to collaborate effectively, beat our busy schedules working as full time developers with our companies and still being able to build the app. Also, the ability to succeed despite the epileptic power supply.

What we learned

Some of the things we have learnt are new ways of implementing some features and solving problems because both of us have different backgrounds and experience. Also, we learnt about new tools either of us were not aware of before.

What's next for Alerthy

After the program, we are dedicating our time to making this project a reality, free (except for SMS alert) and open source.

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