As one of our team members was researching how we can help the general population, he discovered a large desire for efficiency in knowing what foods someone can eat according to their allergies and restrictions. It was very difficult for the friend to navigate her way around the store due to the amount of time needed to stop and read each ingredients label carefully as she needs to be very cautious of each products content. As much as she was wishing there was a better way to go about this, many people have come across the same problems and is increasingly growing in the number of people cautious about specific ingredients in the food that they consume whether it be due to religion, dietary restrictions or otherwise.

What it does

Our mobile application has one main objective of identifying if the product is suitable for the user. This is done by using the camera or an image to quicky identify the list of ingredients and notify the user if it has and of the restricted ingredients in the product

How we built it

Our team used the OCR (Optical Cognitive Recognition) to analyze the ingredient in the given image. We used Android Studio to create our application alongside Firebase to store both authentication and selective food data for the project. To extract the text from the image, we used Google's Vision API which uses the OCR technology to identify the ingredients and will compare it to the users restrictions stored in our database.

Challenges we ran into

One of the greatest challenges was trying to understand how Android Studio's implementation and getting used to the user interface provided. Another challenge was understanding parsing in JSON java objects and quickly learning how it can be implemented and used efficiently for our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were about to build the application from scratch despite lack of experience with the technology given.

What we learned

We learned how to use various different technologies and improved our teamworks skills as we needed to quickly and efficiently work together and delegate the responsibilities.

What's next for AlertG

To add new features using more current technologies such as Machine Learning and more.

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