One a family got stuck at motorway on alone road while the car Tyre burst and need to change. Once an old man had an accident and his family was unaware of that. Once a biker on road need ambulance and nobody was helping him. Social platform to get instant help for people.

What it does

Notify / inform your loved ones via SMS / whatsapp in case of trouble. Just on a button click this app will share your geo location and type of trouble you selected through your mobile network (even via edge technology).

In case of severe injury if a person just tap the app icon, a general emergency message will be sent to the selected contacts within 10 seconds.

In case of no internet area, the geolocation of the nearest telecom tower will be sent via SMS.

You just need to login and setup the account like add your details, to add the contact numbers of father / brother and rest will be done automatically. In case of accident Rescue 1122 / 15 or hospitals will be notified. In case of general help motorway or police or related public departments will be notified.

How we built it

A long struggle of hit and try

Challenges we ran into

UI and development. Flutter is an amazing for app development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned flutter and build an app for civic service.

What we learned

We learned flutter

What's next for Alert - Stay Calm & Stay Safe

App is in process of development

Built With

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