Recently, we have seen that crimes have been rising and no wonder that a common man or women's life is in danger. In the past year we can see that the number of cases has also increased, resulting in harassment and other tragic accidents and no one is there to save their life. They don't know how to respond quickly in such situations. We are building this application so that the people who are in danger can alert the concerned organizations, so they can save them from any problem or accident.

What it does

At the starting of this application, first you have to make an account. After that you logged in, a dashboard will be shown to you in which there would be three options for you. In case of emergency, you have to click on the emergency option and you can call or send an email to either of the desired helpline in which you are in need of. In case of harassment, you can click on the record option in which you can capture the situation and send it via email to anti-crime authorities. You can also send your real time location through this app via email. In the third button you can find a news feed from which you can be update for any upcoming situation and in the last option which is about us, you can find the details of application and its developers.

How we built it

We build this application step by step by dividing each task. First we make login and signing connecting it with database, after we prepare a dashboard for our app. Functionality of dashboard and user interface of the app were done side by side by all the members. Task were assign to each member of the group separately and in the end we integrated the tasks to complete our application.

Challenges we ran into

We are university students and we do not get enough time to develop this application but we try our best to build this application as this is for community. We are the 3rd semester university students and flutter was a very new platform for us with no one to lead us, So we were on our own. We are the first to present this type of idea in Pakistan and we are the only students from our university.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest accomplishment is that we have completed this app in just 6 days after our semester papers. We are the first to present this type of idea. We learned flutter by making this app and our only tutor was internet.

What we learned

We learned flutter by making this app and our only tutor was internet. We learnt pressure handling because there was not enough time.We also tried to integrate flutter with tensor flow but we do not use it in this application because it was difficult to integrate. We learned team management and explore the community of flutter.

What's next for Alert

We can integrate this app with tensor flow and make it more secure by using the API's of different organizations. We can also add speech synthesizer that will call and talk to the respondents on your behalf. We will not only deploy this application on provincial level but we will make it usable for the whole country providing our services for the community. We will use flutter for the future development of this app.

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