New to interviewing candiates for a job, AlecView will help build skills to interview canidates.

AlecView is an application for employees who work in human resources and designed to simulate a mock interview.


AlecView is designed to train new employees in human resources department. This application will help new HR employees with the common interview questions and sample answers. The employee can give appropriate questions to the applicant.

Getting Started

For developement install chatterbot and make sure the correct python is present, update if needed. To install the yml files, find the chatter-bot corpus location and add the jobs folder inside the data folder.

Built with:

  • python - language used
  • flask - framework
  • chatterbot - open source python library
  • custom yml files for training


  • Web - built with flask and ChatterBot
  • Command Line - built using ChatterBot library, no GUI

Current Development

Currently the project is working on a chatbot that using ntlk and python instead of the Chatterbot Library.


Please read for details on the process for pull requests.


Questions and Answers collected from various websites.


  • Chatterbot library

Built With

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