It is important to be sure that your drinks are Dartmouth approved to ensure that you are drinking responsibly; however, often drinks are not labeled with their alcohol content, and students have no way of knowing whether or not the alcohol content is too high.

What it does

Measures the alcohol content of a drink and flashes a green light if less than 40 proof and red if higher than 40 proof.

How I built it

I used an arduino 101 board with alcohol sensor and ultrasonic atomizer that outputs to two LEDs and an LCD display.

Challenges I ran into

MLH rents out Arduino 101, and Thayer school of Engineering provides Arduino Unos. I was unaware of this and spent the first several hours trying to run Arduino Uno code on an Arduino 101 board. Eventually, I decided to start fresh on a new computer and downloaded the Arduino software. When it recommended that I install the Arduino 101 software, I realized what the issue had been.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a mechanical engineering major, I hadn't planned on participating in Hack Dartmouth and didn't know what it would entail. After several hours unsuccessfully trying to upload code to the Arduino (even after installing the correct IDE), I felt very discouraged, and wanted to give up. I am very proud that I continued working, and I will never forget the feeling of bliss when I finally saw the message "SUCCESS: Sketch will execute in about 5 seconds."

What I learned

That I can.

What's next for AlcoSafe

More precise measurement of alcohol content and a fingerprint-accessed account that will allow you to track your drinks!

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