A simple Wearable standalone app that measures the blood alcohol content.

Blood alcohol content units differs from country to country - be sure that you are reading correct unit conversion before telling the police that you are sober.

Change the units simply by tapping current blood alcohol content display. The display changes color (and blurriness! so when you'd normally have problems reading anything on your watch, the app will make it even harder! SUPER FEATURE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) according to your mental and physical state. I've chosen RED, since red symbolizes warning/danger (or a red face of a heavy drinker).

By sliding left, you'll see the the chart indicating what you drank and when you'll be sober. At the top there's a time indicator, at the bottom there's an exact estimate.

By sliding right, you'll see the information about current units, so you don't have to remember what unit to use when you accidentally took a Plane to Russia after some crazy bachelor party.

The simplicity here is the key because sometimes when we are drunk or at the party, we'd rather focus on other people or trying to stand straight rather than dealing with a sophisticated cyber technology. But there's also a possibility to measure you friends' alcohol content, because you can change your settings all the time.

All necessary settings are provided, like weight of the subject, gender, US or metric units. The app doesn't need to be running all the time to measure the alcohol, after exiting and restarting the alcohol content is preserved (with respect to time that has passed). Also, you can choose exact % of alcohol in a drink to make the measurements more accurate - Czech beer averages at 4% of alcohol, in Belgium it is usually twice as much. And Eisbock can have over 60%. As a help, there's an info box that says what type of alcohol has chosen percentage. Last entered drink settings are also preserved.

Some considerations: when you add a drink, there are a field called "STARTED DRINKING" - because alcohol metabolism starts when you start your drink, not when you finish one. If you drink a bottle of vodka very fast and add it to this alcometer, it will display about 0.4% of alcohol in your blood right away. It isn't of course true, since alcohol needs time to get into the blood, but it varies from type of alcohol and your stomach content - it would complicate the app. However, after 30 minutes the measurement will tend to be more accurate. Unfortunately, after a bottle of vodka you won't care anymore (the chart behaves more accurate and takes into account the time needed for metabolism - that's why there are no sudden peaks of alcohol on the chart).

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