When going at a bar with friends and feeling to get a little tipsy without having to waste a lot of money, our app comes helps you. Also, before choosing a bar, a quick check on the app can make you choose between bars to pay less for more!

What it does

This app lets users add existing bar to a database and the available beers at those bars. The app calculates the number of units of alcohol for your dollar and orders them from the most profitable to the lesser one. The type of the beer is also available! That way, you won't order a type of beer you won't like!

How we built it

We first imagined how it's like to be at the bar and feeling cheap (easyyyy). Then, we Coded.

Challenges I ran into

Google Maps API was a big challenge! Even at the end, we don't understand why some of our things didn't work in the beginning! The important thing is that we saw how Xamarin works and we made it works and you can now use it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have finished all of the basic features we wanted. We didn't put a lot of effort in the UI, but the important part is there. We know we will use it!

What we learned

We learned how to code in Xamarin! We learn more about google maps apis.

What's next for AlcohoCheap

It would be interesting to improve the UI, add other types of alcohol (wine, shooters), add filters and other types of ordering choices, etc.

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