Our project the Alchemist War game was inspired by play-to-earn games like Axie infinity, Moba Fighting game, Genshin Impact.

What it does

It is an upgraded previous project of Multiplayer action MOBA fighting game built on the Unreal engine, from National Software Contest - NSC Thailand competition end in March and upgrade to NFTs Game The project uses the Chainlink VRF, Moralis, Smart contracts. We're using NFTs to represent in-game items that players can interact. The projects tokens can be earned from playing the game and the NFT game items can also be earn from gacha lottery that is made randomness by the Chainlink VRF.

How we built it

We used technologies like Solidity: For writing the smart contracts. Chainlink VRF: For making the in-game lottery random. React-Redux: Powers the frontend through which users access the game. Moralis: To manage the backend for our project. Brownie Framework: was used for developing the smart contracts and writing tests. Unreal engine: For photoreal visuals and immersive experience in the game.

Challenges we ran into

Building out the web frontend for the project was challenging, the users cant connect their metamask accounts directly to the game. Pull the data from moralis database and display the NFTs data and image to unreal engine variable was quite difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to integrate our Moralis backend with the Unreal engine, few people have trying use moralis with unreal engine.

What we learned

We learnt the concept of oracle networks, chainlink VRF, keepers & nodes, hybrid smart contracts (contracts that work with off-chain data) and how they operate. Also used toolings like Brownie. We were able to use the Chainlink VRF and deployed our smart contracts to Polygon network.

What's next for Alchemist War Game

We aim to build an immersive decentralized gaming experience using the blockchain and add more gameplay like open-world and allow player to building the world also play to earn mechanism and marketplace will be add in the future.

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