This user-friendly application packs a lot of functional information into a tidy package. It is mobile, tablet, and web friendly.

On the dashboard users will find the number of stocked water bodies, quantities and types of fish, and average fish size.

Using a Plotted Google Map, which centers on the user's current location, a user may discover stocked water bodies anywhere in the province. For more precise information, the Map may be filtered by type of fish and year.

The Plotted Google Map provides available stocking data including water body name, type of fish stocked and quantity. But more importantly, users can select locations on the map based on geographic or fish preferences and be provided with driving directions to the water body. The application is set up for geo location directions but users can also manually enter a location for directions. Driving instructions, distance in KMs, and travel time will all be displayed on the main map and panel of the application.

For users looking or year-to-year information the application provides a graphical comparisons of annual stock totals for 2012-2015, number of ponds and lakes, number of fish types, total number of fish stocked by type and average size per fish type.

For users interested in learning more about the types of fish stocked in Alberta water bodies, the application includes fish biographies for each type of stocked fish.

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