We live in a world that changes by the second. Being able to interact in real time with a machine is critical to the success of projects. The problem with modern computing is that they require the user to be physically in front of the computer interacting via keyboard and mouse. Hence the vast increase in smart-wearable-technology. In 2016 google announced that there were more searches from mobile devices than from desktop. Why? Because desktop and desktop based web interaction is not convenient to interact with as it currently stands. While this isn’t an issue for some it can pose a huge problem for people such as doctors, teachers, or presenters. Imagine a surgeon who is performing a long and difficult procedure. Most of the time they have a computer and many more devices linked together feeding them all the data to help keep their patient alive. The issue? When your chest is open and a doctor’s hand are covered in liquids it can be a huge challenge to operate machines worth thousands without causing damage. However, what if there was a way for them to remotely control all their machines and interact with the internet? I know, there is smart remotes and more, but those get lost and you can’t exactly hold one when your hands are covered in blood, well not without ruining it at least. Well this is a problem no more. We introduce to you Albert, (More Specifically Albert the Gator Aider). Albert is a chrome based plugin that interacts with the user via motion gestures and voice commands to not only navigate the web but also control the web page itself. Stationary Hardware control is becoming a thing of the past and smart control is taking its place. However, currently the web is very limited with its abilities. We had to apply many “hacks” and “work-arounds” to achieve even the most basic of functions. Though currently limited we hope to show you through our demos why smart control is rolling in the wave of the future.

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