Starting my project, I really didn't have any ideas that jumped out to me, so then I started thinking about what I was passionate about and what I loved---tutoring and education. I feel that education is something so important because it has power, and power meant impact. As a girl who loved to tutor, whether it was volunteering or for fun, I believe that kids deserve a chance to be educated and to have fun in doing so as well. I wanted to create something that would not only be useful in this hackathon but to children all over the globe who needed it. That's why I created Albedo (al - BEE - doh). ☆FUN FACT☆ The name Albedo was inspired by its definition, which is the reflected sunlight off of solar panels. I really liked this name because it reminds me of the idea that we should be as resilient as the sunlight that is reflected off---especially in these difficult times---and to enjoy the little moments in life because those are the special ones (kind of like the electric currents produced from the solar panel!).


Albedo is a discord bot that educates people through realistic and entertaining simulations based on the subject. As mentioned in my video, the simulations are well-researched and thought out because it takes the most widely used topics and words related to the subject. Moreover, the simulations include periodical quiz questions that are based on real-life scenarios, as well as informative gifs/videos. Each question has a thoroughly explained solution pertaining to the details that further help the user understand the concept. (In the video, that subject was climate change, which is a field in science.) Because Albedo is on discord, students will have a much easier and enjoyable time experiencing this learning environment, which also makes it easier for teachers as well! ☆ USAGE ☆ Here is the link to install the bot to your discord server: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=857362748174630932&permissions=2416438352&scope=bot As the server admin, just say "hi" or "hello" and Albedo will be at your service!


Using node.js and doing some discord documentation research, I created Albedo with repl.it (which is a super cool online IDE!) and discord, of course. :)


When I was making Albedo, there were actually countless issues (which was expected, but still a bit difficult 😅).

1.) First off, I originally used a completely different language to code Albedo: python. I thought everything was working pretty well, but Albedo wasn't exactly where I wanted him to be yet; I wanted him to do more. Thus, I changed the language to node.js, which I realized was a great choice because I could create so many more commands and possibilities with the entire discord.js documentation. I think the hardest part about this switch was changing the syntax but keeping the same algorithm, but I finally managed to get Albedo up and working in JS!

2.) Since this is my first time working with discord bots, I had a lot of trial-and-error, and I mean A LOT. I kept on running and stopping the code that I almost felt bad for my replit. However, as mentioned previously, doing the language switched definitely helped with that, as well as binge-watching numerous youtube videos about these bots! Finally, I was able to run Albedo error-free.

3.) The last major trouble in this project was the connection. As I didn't have any previous experience with discord bots before Albedo, I had a hard time figuring out how to connect my code to the bot itself. But after some videos, I realized that there is something called its TOKEN, which was the key for that. :)


I'm really proud of myself for pushing outside of my comfort zone because Albedo taught me how to code discord bots and maneuver through node.js. Moreover, I felt that my time management (as well as networking skills!) significantly improved. Despite the errors, I never gave up on this bot because I knew I had that passion that would take me to the finish line. 🙂


I would like to see Albedo teaching more subjects, such as STEM, politics, speech, college advice panel, etc. because it could also potentially be an extremely useful teacher's assistant for educators teaching in the virtual setting. Another update could be to gradually shift Albedo to a physical AI robot, so he can do more amazing feats!

☆ CREATOR'S NOTE ☆ I created Albedo because I think he can truly help some students or people learn about classroom subjects or even little-known fields such as climate change. I genuinely hope that Albedo can create a lasting and impactful change in this ever-changing technological world. Thank you~💝

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