All the members of our team are students who regularly stay up late working on assignments, labs, midterms, and sometimes just plain good ol' coding. As a result of, we have difficulty getting out of bed to attend those 8am classes on time.

Therefore we sought to make this active snooze bed side alarm system with app control via Bluetooth. The 3D printed robot is docked next to the bedside alarm clock (LCD shield on Arduino Uno in the picture below) . An Android device will sync to the alarm clock to set an alarm. When this alarm goes off, the robot leaves the dock and tumbles over your bed side table and starts roaming autonomously while the loud alarm rings through the speakers of your super cool Android phone. In order to silence this loud alarm ring, you must catch the robot and return it to the docking station. The docking station will detect the robot via a RFID tag mounted on the robot.

project image

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