Our inspiration came from our hatred of pressing snooze immediately after waking up. As students we long for the day where we wake up naturally, but for now, we have devised an app where the user has to perform a task in order to turn the alarm off. However, we went further, and made the alarm work against you to keep itself alive...

What it does

The user is able to set an alarm to wake themselves up. When alarm is set off, a randomly selected game/task that the user has to complete is shown. When the user completes the task or runs out of time, only then does the alarm stop - now the user being awake! Certain games have punishments to really make sure the user wakes up.

How we built it

We used Godot as our development environment, as we all have experience with Python. We decided against environments such as Unity as the development process would take a lot longer, and wanted the ability to easy produce some UI with a Python like language.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Godot was one of the main challenges. If we had experience with it before, we would have been able to skip the "how-to-use" tutorials and go straight into development. The similarities with Python made us think that we could do Python functionalities that we now know we cannot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of our Wordle scraper that we created as one of the games, where we couldn't get the answer from the actual Wordle website. Instead, we had to rely on a news website that tells you hints about the answer. Learning and developing in a completely different programming environment was something we all feel proud of, especially since we were expecting a lot more things to go wrong with it. One of our team members developed their ability in digital art and creating sprites to fit the games.

What we learned

Learning Godot and knowing how to manage more effectively potential extension tasks.

What's next for alarming

Adding more games that would be randomly selected and potentially allowing multiple alarms to be set.

Built With

  • godot
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