Our project is a burglar detection sensor. We will use a light sensor and motion sensor to detect when motion or light is present when it should not be. If you had one in your room, it could detect if someone turned the lights on or off. We will hopefully connect this to our phone so that the user could always be alerted.

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• A description of what the idea is and why you chose it o A couple months ago one of our laptops was stolen from our dorm room. Such petty theft is unfortunately quite common on college campuses with so many young people living in such close proximity. We decided to create a device that would alert us if something like this happened in the future. Our product is a multi sensor burglary detection system specifically for small valuable devices. The system is prompted to alert the user via Bluetooth if there is suspicious activity regarding the valuable in question. Our system specifically would be triggered based on light change or movement and touch. • Explain how you iterated on the project throughout April o Our original idea was to implement more sensors and have more functionality. However we found that we should limit our scope as we faced serious difficulty with a few things such as pairing the HC05 with a phone. We initially planned on using IOT but eventually modified our plan to use a slave and master Bluetooth module system. We also used a light, although a buzzer or some other form of detection system would have worked as well. Some other challenges we faced were the finicky sensors that made it difficult to find the correct values to use as bounds. • Seperate each subsystem of the project and explain in detail how you implemented it. If it is hardware, please explain the wiring and how components work together. If it is code, please explain how the logic works. o We have 5 hardware components and 2 software components and 2 arduino boards that we used for the project. Hardware wise we implements circuitry for a push button, a light sensor, an led light, and two Bluetooth modules. For the button sensor and led we used the typical setup with a ground, power, and analog or digital output. For each one we used resistors appropriately. For the Bluetooth modules we paired two HC05 modules, one as a slave and one as a master. We used the push button and light sensor with the master module on one Arduino and we used the led and slave module on the other. For the first circuit the software initialized a bluetooth protocol and collected data from the sensors regarding whether the button had been pushed and whether the light was on or off. Thus, for the second module we collected the transmitted data and if one or the other of the sensors were HIGH or below a certain threshold we programmed the led to turn on. • How this project could be turned into a real product (if applicable) o This project could be turned in to a real product if marketed appropriately for the niche market of small item security. Today the typical way of keeping such items safe is to put them inside of a locker or safe. But if instead we could leave our valuables out and have good detection systems that are cheap and simple we would be solving a real problem. I think this project is a very basic prototype that has the working logic and components but the quality or form must be improved for it to be a feasible product. • Any possible improvements you could make o We could certainly improve some of the hardware components of the project. Our wiring can be simplified, and with the correct parts we could make the whole system a lot smaller. I think we could also look into using more sensors to improve functionality, and add Bluetooth capabilities to laptops or smartphones to increase cross platform utility.

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