We wanted to incorporate the various sensors that were available within the hardware lab and thought that this was a practical and interesting way.

What it does

It trips a buzzer and LEDs when the various sensors are activated.

How we built it

We used an FGPA board with Verilog and other various other sensors found in the hardware lab.

Challenges we ran into

The software that works with the boards is often faulty, some of the wires were frayed, there is very little documentation on both verilog and the sensors that we were trying to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get the sensors to work individually.

What we learned

Various technicalities regarding verilog and interfacing with hardware.

What's next for Alarm System

We'll use it to protect a 3D printer in our school for our robotics club.

Built With

  • verilog
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