Inspiration in COVID-19 pandemic spread in disease virus around the world. Opportunity in challenge with old equipment and innovation. It can reduce coronavirus during germs merge in the air. I confide them Covid Hunter to being Air Purifier.

What it does for special tools build it, just insert plasma ionize. Presisng the switch or touching icon in each of media. Coronavirus reduce to alarm to be stopped.

How we built it manages in register the copyright on the marketing system. Approved; you can build it, and then announcement offer to innovation.

Challenges we ran into collect in formation on special tools to being product, It built; What it fulfil in. I nominate in Alarm Ultrasonic Readiness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of innovation can announce in modern tools. Prevention and protection inject from coronavirus so that it construct in new series. This reminding in pandemic spread in all locations.

What we learned affect in COVID-19 whether it come from what it occur in. Creative in agency develop in special tools or medical care. This equipment can reduce the germs to being pandemic.

What's next for Alarm Pandemic Ultrasonic nominates in building in special tools as TX Ultra-plasma Hunter. The marketing system register the copyright, and then process to build it with a lot of shapes. It imply in the usage for home, agency, and public.

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Solving the trouble on COVID Pandemic around the world, what it come from spread disease. People agonize in illness and death. This innovation of equipment reduce its coronavirus,, and then create in pure air ozone.

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