I always put on an alarm every school week, and sometimes my mother wakes me up instead of my alarm clock. It's either because my alarm is not loud enough, or that I'm just tired.

What it does is that every 30 seconds, it gets louder as the alarm keeps playing the sound. I only have three for now, but you can choose what genre you want, like electro, rock, or funk.

How I built it: I I have used a website called Earsketch that lets you create your own music, but with a limited amount of sounds.

Challenges I ran into: trying to raise the volume for the tracks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: figuring out the volume, and having unique sounds in the program. Also just doing it in general.

What I learned: I've already used this program, but I found out how to change the volume again.

What's next for Alarm Clock: adding more genres, and providing the people with what they need.

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