• I had hard time waking up and downloaded an app called AlarmMe and it only turned off when I solved simple math questions
  • Realized it helped me a lot with problem solving skills
  • Had hard time math classes and programming classes, but spend little time in practicing
  • However machine learning jobs and software engineering jobs require both fluent math and programming skills
  • Why not expand this alarm on programming and more advanced math problems to even prepare for job interviews?

Reasons behind why it would help

  • Book called Grit emphasized persistence is very important
  • Everybody needs to wake up
  • By solving at least three questions a day, person will be able to solve over 1000 questions and over 4000 questions in 4 years
  • That being said, book called Outlier said spending 100,000 hours on one area was key to being an expert
  • This app will contribute to making a person in being an expert in math and programming

What it does

  • Set an alarm to wake up in the morning
  • Set how many questions you want to solve in either math or leetcode
  • The alarm will go off only when you solve all the questions

How I built it

  • Made an app with flutter to provide for both Android and Apple
  • Got linear algebra questions from textbooks and problems from leetcode
  • Made tabs to alternate through home(page for making alarm), solving leetcode, and solving math
  • User will only be able to return to shut the alarm when the user solves all the questions that was already set when making the alarm

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning a whole new language and developing an actual app from the very beginning
  • Different rules between Android and Apple platforms

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Will be able to help students who are having hard times in math and computer science classes by having them practice everyday when they wake up
  • Will be able to help students to prepare for job interviews
  • Will be able to assist adults who would like to just upgrade their math and programming solving skills without having them spend too much time in the day

What I learned

  • Making what I want to make is actually made me happier than I thought it would
  • Learned how app platforms worked

What's next for Alaram Clock that stops after solving cs or math problems

  • Register up to 75 leetcode questions and at least 100 questions for each chapter in linear algebra textbook
  • Launch on both Apple and Android
  • Make it possible for me to use it everyday and improve myself

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