This inspired me because of the lack of adequate health care in conflict areas or developing country regions to deal with any pandemic, whether the response is morally or psychologically or even simple consultations, so this inspired me to create a site for consultations that is not only symptomatic counseling, but counseling for psychological pressures such as feeling isolated and how to spend time and many other things in addition To create health courses within this site that are available to everyone free of charge that includes everything new in dealing with this pandemic in addition to a reminder to the person joining us of the need to be patient and create recreational activities for them in addition to establishing a simple care center in such areas in cooperation with volunteer doctors and the most important psychiatrists because what he needs Everyone is now getting out of isolation and offering them a simple meal in this center to send themselves optimism in addition to some enthusiastic music, and this will encourage them to continue to visit the simple center How will I ensure the help of volunteer doctors until I finish through what my site will provide me from the profits of Google Adsense symbolic amounts that help them to continue With us I faced financial challenges, so this is a project that needs to be done Even if money is symbolic, I am unable to do it, and this is unless it is Someone is approaching him before me, because it is an idea that emanates from the idea of ​​the project, Alamal, meaning that we will face challenges and pandemics by sending in our souls the ability to do so.

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