We had day to day issues, which we couldn't solve and had no one to turn to. We brainstormed and decide this platform could change it once and for all.

What it does

Our application helps match people based on their current needs and their areas of expertise, thus solving problems for two people at once.

How I built it

We used angular 4 for our client side, the server is built using node.js and mongoose.

Challenges I ran into

We mostly had business challenges, circling around ethical and client satisfactory issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before heading to the development itself we sat down and thoroughly discussed our idea's weak points. Then we came up with solutions, which saved us a lot of work later and helped us understand and explain the idea better.

What I learned

We learned that rushing into product development blind and uncertain, may cause further unpleasant overhead and sometimes it's to think things through before execution.

What's next for aladin

We want to focus a bit more on the additional value our application provides, such as statistics and people gathering, as they have clientele of their own and hold high value.

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