As an aspiring student of Political Economics and Interdisciplinary Sciences, I have been pondering better methods of finding points of Dynamic Equilibrium of Labor Value for any job, to hopefully find and add something posed by fundamental and unsolved problems in Behavioral Economics.

What is Alacrity? ⁃ Alacrity means brisk and cheerful readiness, and is synonyms are eagerness, willingness, readiness and speed to name a few. It is an app that'll fundamentally change the nature of hiring and job seeking for the better. ⁃ This is for the small business employer who does not have the time to waste, has tighter budgets and no time for stress seeking out potential employees. ⁃ Through a process of a reverse silent auction for a job, employers can better gauge the market value of a job in their area (or any area for that matter) and the average time of experience. ⁃ It expedites the process of sifting through N number of resumes into a tagged list with User Familiarity Interface in mind. ⁃ For the small business owner, or any business owner of any size we are solving the problem of time, money and unnecessary emotional stress.
⁃ Observation: Trust has grown amongst small businesses and people, we believe we have the solution to anticipate this emerging systems behavior. ⁃ For those interested in Economics, we believe we are posing our solution to the unsolved problem of Revealed preference (with an emphasis on jobs) or at the very least adding more data to that issue and later with enough tools will add new perspective to the issue of tatonnement.

Innovativeness ⁃ How new is this idea? Could this be a radical innovation or a meaningful new take on an existing product or service? ⁃ This idea is ancient, observed in detail and then popularized by Adam Smith, but it is original and clever in exploiting the fundamentals of the supply and demand for labor. ⁃ Some hacks do not have to be this super sophisticated technological marvel, often times it is applications of the understanding of human nature and interaction that succeeds exceptionally well in the marketplace.

⁃ It is meaningful because we go back to answering the fundamental problem of dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand through a simple but necessary User experience to seek for employers with standard and customizable metrics for assessing qualified workers (in any field). 

⁃ For the job seeker, we remove the awkwardness in negotiating for jobs. The beauty of this silent auction is that it works both ways, in reciprocating the value of specific labor for the job seeker (in any field). 
⁃ We are at a tipping point where Peer to Peer is an emerging force in the economic lives of the individual, we believe that the general structure of Alacrity is based on sound economic, sociological and psychological fundamentals that will enable us to be the leader in employment services in all fields.

Impact ⁃ Does the App have the ability to meet the needs of small businesses, for example by helping them, make better financial decisions, manage cash flow or prepare to access funding/investors? • In short, Alacrity is at a prime position to deliver services necessary to anticipate the needs of small business owners and the emerging trends and patterns of P2P economy.

• This app will help small businesses effectively budget labor costs and hiring decisions for job applicants. Being streamlined to a familiar user interface with rank options (later available) to employers (in the field of labor experience, Alphabetical arrangement, time submitted and willing salary), they can effectively review candidates faster saving time and money.
• This service will also extend to providing P2P review amongst Employers and Job-Seeker to maximize on quality control and in protecting individuals from abuse.

Market Viability ⁃ Does the App show promise of performance in the marketplace? ⁃ Yes! Alacrity's flexibility enables it to be an inclusive conduit to the needs of employers from all sizes and industries and job seekers alike. ⁃ Due to sound structure, interdisciplinary social science fundamentals that has lead to the formulation of intuitive features (which currently still need finessing but will come with a minimal viable product is available) based on insights of labor market behaviors in recent years, this app shows tremendous promise in being a market game changer.

Functionality ⁃ How well does App perform the function defined by Participant? ⁃ Currently, Alacrity's core functionality is met. For the purposes of demonstration, a users can sign up either as an employer or a job seeker. Employers can post job openings and a wage and view linkedIn profile (as a cross verification technique) ⁃ Candidates can submit their application for the chosen Job opening and their wage.

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