Your helpful assistant for alzheimers patients.

Why did we build it?

When a patient is suffering from a brain disease such as Alzheimers or Dementia, they tend to lose track of where they are and start roaming. This, amongst other things means that a caretaker is required to look over them. We'd like to make the caretaker's job simpler, by offering an alert system for patient wandering, as well as a way to locate them.

How does it work?

Due to the fact that there were no 3G enabled hardware (that were not phones) at our disposal, we couldn't do geolocation. Instead, we used the intel edison to connect to every open wi-fi network, get their mac address & signal strength, and sent that to the Google geolocation api to get a lat long to work with. We then text & call the caretaker to alert them of their location for real-time tracking.

Created for WearHacks Waterloo. Made by Richard, William, Ugan, and Qile.

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