When we first thought about Al-Bus, we knew this idea could revolutionize the world, and the bus ticketing system. With the the features we are providing it is best for the people to look it up and thus vote on it.

Below are the salient features of this Android App.

  1. First ever Dynamic QR Scanner AlBus App. With just scanning the QR just while boarding the bus and the App will be automated to be able to provide the user with the digitalised ticket just by selecting the destination stops from the list of subsequent stops within couple of seconds.

  2. Defaulters will have a hard time. Using the locations services we will be able to penalise the commuters who try to evade buying tickets of the required amount by informing the concerned authorities.

  3. Target audience is wide. Buses contribute to the 90% of public transport in India, this means our target audience is high.

  4. SMS Service Since the proportion of audience does not have access to smart phones, so we plan to implement SMS Service that would allow anyone to buy bus ticket using SMS mobile banking.

  5. Maintain a personal profile of every user. After authenticating user on the basis of IDs we will provide options to maintain a personal profile, recharge wallet by online payments, and shows past trips of the user.

  6. Setting Automatic Reminder and Vibration Using Realtime Location services, we have installed speech module that will act as a reminder in the form of alarm that will be able to alert the user when he is about to reach the destination. It gives the passenger a carefree ride.

  7. Tickets We will be able to give a digitalised ticket to the user and thus we are going green. User can take the screenshot of the ticket once the payment is done after fare calculation.

  8. Albus-QR App There will be a second app which will be installed permanently in the bus which will change its QR dynamically using the locations of the bus. When about to reach the destination, the QR will change.

  9. Image search by Cloud Vision API An intensive search by just a click of an image is being carried out to find details of any building or place built on the concept of machine learning. We use Cloud Vision API to generate search results and display detailed information about the particular landmark.

  10. History of trips The history of the trips will be available for the user to see.

  11. Help Helpline number, email ID and some of the basic questions are answered in the app, any layman person can understand

*Opportunities and the features that could be added:

  1. We can use a hardware device called beacon which will comply the user to scan the QR code, thus keeping more of a strict check on it.
  2. We will be able to display the number of vacant seats depending upon the number of users that are present in the bus.
  3. We will able to determine the route of the bus, also be able to search any bus stop on range of routes.

Built With

  • face-detector
  • google-cloud-vision-api
  • google-maps
  • google-mobile-vision-api
  • google-places
  • image-processing
  • landmark-detector
  • location-services
  • machine-learing
  • qr-scanner
  • text-to-speech
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