Emergencies such as accidents require immediate medical attention where patients need to be transported from the place of the incident to the hospital. In such situations, emergency systems are crucial in saving precious lives. The importance of taking a patient to the hospital can be judged by the fact that if the arrival of an ambulance is delayed due to any problem, it can worsen the patient medical state and even cause death.

The delays can occur due to time consumed for dialing emergency numbers and carrying out the conversation for guiding the address to the place of incident to the ambulance service provider and other issues.

The immense need for automation of ambulance dispatch system is necessary for solving this problem which inspired us to build this idea. The objective of this idea is to minimize the time consumed for the arrival of the ambulance through the use of Smart Mobility of Vehicles.

What it does

The system takes the request from User for an ambulance, after this, the request is forwarded to the nearby ambulance. When the ambulance driver accepts the request the confirmation is sent to the user. The user will now be able to get the estimated arrival time of vehicle along with real-time tracking of the vehicle. Until the vehicle arrives the relative of the patient who is assumed to be the user enters basic symptoms based on which the nearby suitable hospital is suggested where the patient can be taken considering the case is not so emergency or else the patient will be taken to a nearby hospital for primary medication. Once the hospital is fixed, the hospital is notified about the arrival of the patient along with the symptoms stated.

How we built it

We built the android application in Android Studio 3.4.1. And we have created a dummy database in PHPMyAdmin, also used the Xamp server

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the Modules, implementing the design of the entire application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the HERE Maps API for integrating the Maps in our application, team co-ordination, accomplishment of targets

What we learned

We learned about the new APIs available other than the existing ones, implementing the runtime changes

What's next for AkWarriors

Exposure to more technical knowledge of HERE APIs, etc

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