My solution involves putting a device between the provider telephone line and the actual telephone. The device will be known as AKSAR2013. When a call comes into the home, the call will first be picked up by AKSAR 2013. AKSAR2013 will verify the caller’s telephone number against its database which consists of all DO NOT CALL numbers that are stored by the FTC. If the number is valid (and not on the list) then AKSAR2013 will use Dragon Software and voice recognition to verify if the callers voice is a Robocall voice. If the caller’s voice is Robocall, the call will be dropped and a trace placed on the call to be investigated by the FTC. If AKSAR2013 cannot determine the validity, various questions will be asked of the caller. The caller will first be asked to select a language of their choice, 1 – English, 2 – Spanish, 3 – French. The caller will then be asked a question in their language. For example, the caller picks 2 for Spanish and the question asked is “what is the total of three plus four”? If the caller types or hits 7 on the telephone, the call will go through. If the caller is unable to answer the question that is asked, they can opt to enter a series of numbers and letters to get through.

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