After we graduated Highschool, a close friend of ours left Canada to attend their mandatory military service. So this meant that they would be in a different country with a different time zone, with that in mind we decided why do all the time zone adding and subtracting in our head when we can make a bot do it, then we elevated that idea to multiple time zones.

What it does

Our bot attaches a time zone to a user and so then when ever that time command is used the bot will display local time for that user.

How we built it

We collectively built it by using python on replit so we could all code together.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest struggle was figuring out how replit's database works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given that this is our first hackathon we are very proud that we made a fully functional discord bot that we can now use in our day to day lives.

What we learned

We learned some basics to python, how to make a discord bot, how to keep the discord bot running 24/7 and that python is not a easy language.

What's next for Global Time Bot

We are planning to add a feature that will pick a optimal meeting time between users based off of their time zones and preferences as well as add support for all unadded time zones.

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