As a student, there are so many sources of assignments & events to keep up with, sometimes we wish we had someone to manage our life.

What it does

Scrapes data from Canvas, email, Google Calendar, and other sources to find tasks. The system then adds them all to the same todo list and adds a due date & priority if they don't exist based on an NLP model. As you're working, the system will give you a specific task to work on for a period of time. It will detect when you are distracted and alert you to get back on topic. When the task is completed, it will detect that you are done, confirming it and using the result to improve the model with reinforcement learning.

How we built it

The main application is based on UiPath, with the todo list being built with React and Firebase and the data science being built with Python & PyTorch.

What we learned

We learned how to use Firebase Cloud Functions & Firestore, as well as web scraping with UiPath.

Built With

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