Akira (あきら), which means "intelligence" in Japanese, is a respectful Personal Assistant. It is completely safe for your privacy and unlike its competitors, it will not send data to be mined in the inter-webs.

It is able to help you with your social media, with integration into Twitter and Facebook. Even if you aren't social media savvy, Akira's encrypted and open-source text-messenger, would allow you to send texts to anyone, just by a simple phrase.

If you have a quick question, just search for it using DuckDuckGoSearch on our AI: a fully anonymous search.

When going out, Akira can recommend you on the weather and what to wear by asking: "Akira, what's the weather like today?". Even at home, when you want to just talk about yourself and perhaps journal it, we have a fully custom coded journal library, which was created during the hackathon (https://github.com/undystopia/libjournal) that can take care of that for you!

As a fun extra, we added a general challenge bot, in which you will be randomly assigned a compiled list of fun challenges to have some fun!

We built it using Python and its library. Furthermore, some libraries were custom coded with custom endpoints/api calls.

Speech to text was a major challenge, because it was very slow and because it was very inaccurate. We ultimately were able to find a more reliable and persistent library in ProjectSphinx.

Accomplishments: 1) A custom coded library that is on the official package manager 2) Text to speech and speech to text ended up working. 3) Social Media worked really well. 4) Cross-platform

Whats next: More features, better voice recognition and ports to mobile!

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