Time is a deciding factor between life and death. Unconscious victims are unable to communicate critically important personal information in emergency situations.

What it does

With our Akeso Bands, and accompanying applications, users can specify pertinent health information that can be read by first responders in unexpected emergency situations. Our bands come in many different designs and materials to suit any individual's preferences.

How we built it

Near Field Communication Integrating NFC tags into our Akeso bands allows easy and quick transmission of information, without the need to charge or pair our bands to phones. We apply Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 to protect our users' information.

Challenges we ran into

Apple limits NFC capabilities for iPhones, resulting in a focus on Android as it supports our technology. Prototype applications have encryption disabled for presentation reasons. Initial designs of our bands failed to 3d print.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating simple to use applications to either write to or read from our Akeso Bands, that have big impact for our target demographics.

What we learned

Design is hard. Creating an application may seem easy, but what you think is easy may not be intuitive for someone else.

What's next for Akeso Band Application Suite

Further integrate our applications with doctors offices and hospitals to reduce the amount of time waiting and filling out paperwork.

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