Recently the number of fake diplomas and certificates is increasing. When employer intended to hire potential candidates, the first thing they usually do is the background check, including the diploma verification. This process can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if it is a college that is not well-known or from another country. It is a huge problem to the hiring team.

What it does

Certchain is a powerful tool that can be used for verifying diplomas and/or certificates in a fast and low-cost way. Every diploma is associated with a Ethereum transaction , signed by the college, ensuring the authenticity.

How I built it

I build it by using Web3, jQuery, javascript, html, css, python flask, google cloud

Challenges I ran into

Our first challenge is the selection of the topic. We wanted to find a topic that is practical. The second challenge is the time constraint. Building a demo in 2 days is really challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. A practical topic is chosen.
  2. A team is formed to word towards the goal
  3. A demo is partly done

What I learned

Team work is important

What's next for Certchain

Continue to complete the demo

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