After examining community efforts in the aftermath of two recent and devastating hurricanes, we wanted to make it easy for government organizations, churches, or even individuals to set up and manage their shelters effectively. In the aftermath of a crisis, effective resource management and coordination of community efforts is essential to helping as many of those in need as possible.

What it does

1) Register your shelter and provide details such as its capacity and its ability to cater to those with special requirements 2) Manage your shelters resources such as food, water, power, and occupancy 3) Be informed of incoming occupants so you can prepare for their arrival 4) Request for the resources you need from other shelters/public

How we built it

We built a webpage using Django. We first pulled the Django docker image from DockerHub and use docker-compose files to manage the local deployment. We then created a Django project and app within the same folder and then started to build the app. We integrated mapquest apis to easily navigate disaster-stricken communities to the nearest possible shelter.

Challenges we ran into

We understood that we only had one minute to pitch. Considering this fact, the main challenge we faced this hackathon was deciding which feature was more core and more impressive (or in other words, more "WOW") amongst the many different features we had planned to integrate into our app.

Besides that, there were slight hiccups at the beginning with regards to setting up the webpage. Things got slightly better when we managed to solve that as we managed to build the pages for our apps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating something easy to use and useful in less than 24 hours

What we learned

How susceptible people still are to natural disasters. How too many options (every shelter having their own application) makes managing resources difficult.

What's next for Aaja

Working with other teams and accenture to develop a more comprehensive solution that coordinates efforts between other key actors such as rescue workers.

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