We have been through a phase where we had strong feelings over an issue (police brutality, racism, etc) and wanted to help spread the word to unite and take a stand against the issue.

With blogs and websites being used primary to shed light on issues to people around the world, it is increasingly becoming important to the internet as a way to spread public awareness. With the world entering the age of AI, we thought of ways to use artificial intelligence to help get the world to get involved in the issues they care about.

What it does

We present, where we have a service powered by AI and computer vision to help users generate websites with meaningful content instantly. By scribbling your desired web design on a piece of paper your desired web design, the app is able to take your drawing and generate your dream website instantly. Then based on the topic that you care about, the app finds resources and content from the Internet to populate on to your site. With a large set of information that can be used to educate you, your friends and family, one can spread one precious idea to one that captures the attention of everyone to across the globe.

With many websites being generated and shared in order to help educate in certain issues, an internet presence can be made, and an issue finally can be solved.

On a more casual note, it is also capable of getting information for the user about a certain topic that he or she may be curious in, such as learning to play the guitar.

How we built it

We used OpenCV for the computer vision in order to detect the types of regions and icons to determine on how the site will be designed. We used stdlib to host our AI generated websites and coordinate our APIs to work together harmoniously.

Challenges we ran into

One of the hardest challenges was to integrate everything together, varying from the computer vision, web scraping, to the full stack. We had to make sure that everything as working together properly without breaking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to be using AI to help other people spread awareness of issues important to them and help educate the public about problems that should be tackled in order to help us aim for a better society.

What we learned

We learned about using the stdlib to host our sites and using their API services as well as Python Flask.

What's next for

Allow generated websites to be more capable of more complex tasks such as Javascript functionality or service calls Better design for the websites. Added more control and flexibility into designing the website.

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