as a non-native english speaker, I took 10 years to learn English, join 5 english courses but I still can't speak english fluently or well. the problem is I didn't practice enough (daily speaking) because in my circle it's hard to find a partner to english daily practice session. I think many english learner feel same problem like me. so I build this app.

What it does

Speaking with Artificial Intelligence (Conversational Bot), users can practice theirs speaking and listening skills because it's build with Azure Cognitive Service Speech, users also can translate to or from theirs mother tongue in conversation, get topic, common phrase and sentence patterns ideas to make a conversation alive.

How we built it

  • Using Azure technology such as cognitive service (Translate, TextToSpeech, SpeechToText), Azure Function (make a converter from mp3 to wav to support audio in facebook messenger and to upload audio to Storage), and for file storage I'm use Azure Blob Storage.
  • for ML model, I'm use pretrained model with some modification from ParlAI

Challenges we ran into

limit time, and doesn't have experience in function before

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I can use my app to improve my english speaking skills, I hope it will help others too also learn machine learning model

What we learned

nothing impossible

What's next for AiSpeak - Your AI Speak Buddy to Reach Fluency in English

more bot characters

Built With

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