AI + iso (short for isometric)


We wanted to create some type of software that makes mundane tasks easier. Microsoft's Sketch 2 Code is one of our main inspirations. Our software, takes in orthographic drawings (2D drawings) and creates them in SolidWorks as a 3D object.

What we learned

We learned many new skills through this project: Git, p5.js, Flask, and JavaScript.

The Process

We started with creating orthographic views with a p5.js web application, which when completed exports the data as JSON to Python/Flask. Python/Flask contains the bulk of our functions and calculations. We used Python keyboard and mouse modules to automate the process of creating the 3D model in SOLIDWORKS.

Challenges Faced

  1. p5.js erase() function: erase() function was erasing the lines as well as the grid lines in the background.
  2. Keeping track of cutting faces: Due to the complexity of different shape and cuts, it was difficult to keep track and differentiate cutting faces from extruded faces.
  3. Nothing that would to render 3D objects in real time on the web: Couldn't find anything that would allow us render our 3D models on the web.

Built With

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