I wrote a 'scratch-your-own-itch' app intending to take the normal startup path, but the Lord showed me instead to use it to glorify His name and to advance the kingdom by combining a useful app with ad banners showing amazing testimonies of the miracles and healings He has done.

What it does

Helps with grocery list making and grocery shopping. Arranges shopping list to match actual aisles of the store you shop at. (Not conceptual aisles, real aisles!)

How I built it

Back end is java, running on an amazon ec2 linux instance served by Tomcat. Front-end is javascript, bootstrap, backbone, html, css.

Challenges I ran into

Being able to operate on all device sizes. Right now, the tablet/desktop experience are decent, but the mobile needs a lot ot work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just finished a first-cut at an Alexa voice interface.

What I learned

New technololgies like Backbone and Bootstrap. The many challenges and pitfalls of startups.

What's next for AisleQ

Getting beta-users to give feedback. Improving the mobile experience. Using PhoneGap to package app for mobile.

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