We took a lot of inspiration from already existing complex node-based editors like Blender Shaders Node editor system for how we want to build the UI.

Looking at the current scene we saw a lot of ML frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, flax, and newer ones like langchain but none of them had any way to play with the models without any code so that we can think more about how we can combine these models to achieve certain output.

What it does

It's a place where users with play with a bunch of ai models, by combining them & executing them however they like like a Node-based editor.

How we built it

It used ReactFlow for building a node-based Editor. We have used NextJS as frontend of our choice, and Supabase to store data as a backend. Hosted on Cloudflare.

Challenges we ran into

Primarily, how to execute the graph was one of the main channels we ran into. Making sure all of the nodes and executed and the data is transferred to the next nodes, waiting for all the connected nodes to complete before executing the next one, and so on...

The other one was API integration which took a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, the application turned out to be really nice looking, the UI was really nice,

What we learned

I think we learn a lot about how to work on the frontend and backend of the platforms/sass-based product, we also learned some data structure/algorithms along the way, as we were trying to find how the node Execution will work.

What's next for AISandbox

Our next set of goals will be to really make this a playground for all AI Models. currently, it's a half baked product, and we have a long way to go.

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