Our Inspiration:

The inspiration for this project was wanting to enable a live-updating application in regards to environmental or health concerns. One possible problem in areas with changing air quality cause locals to experience decreased livelihood by breathing in smog and possible carcinogens. By having a real-time, live-updating application, locals would be aware and hopefully be more prepared by remaining indoor, or by other means.

What It Does:

Data is retrieved thorough Kelowna Station which updates every hour and saves it into our database. Data visualization is then completed before updating it to the Airzone web page. The website also has a feature of retrieving the historical daily average of the data that the user desires.

How We Built It:

A server was created for hosting the web page. The page was constructed using html and designed using CSS.

Challenges We Ran Into:

Initially the project was going to use live data sourced by a programmed Arduino and air quality sensor, but all of the borrowed sensors turned out to be faulty in one way or another, which required a new project. This also required us to look for an accessible data source on the go that provided real time data.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of:

Annie - Learned basics of PHP and got to understand how to connect back-end to front. Implemented feature for website to retrieve data user specified data using SQL and PHP.
Anant - An accomplishment I am proud of would be the ability of our team to complete a new project in the time limit working through challenges along the way.
Jason - Developing a dynamic data website from start to finish in a day. Interesting experiences with implementing a data feed.

What We Learned:

Annie - learning back-end, PHP, SQL.
Anant - Learned front-end in web developing and learned html and CSS. These were brand new topics to me that I feel like I have a better grasp on now.

What’s next for Airzone:

Implement new subscription-based alert system: email or text for locals to be aware of potential hazards and stay inside or be informed about the changes to the surroundings.

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