Air pollution is a sizable issue these days. It has become the root cause of many health problems. There are certain air pollutants that have particularly high concentration values, especially in Delhi: Particulate Matter (PM), carbon-monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Such high concentrations of pollutants have degraded the air quality leading to varied health problems. Many people are suffering from sudden and prolonged cough which forces them to stay in.Therefore a real time system is required that can constantly tell people about the current pollution levels and suggest them appropriate actions.

What it does

We have developed AirZen: a revolutionary pollution surveillance system that not merely monitors indoor and outdoor pollution levels but also gives personalized health risks and suggestions based on one’s health conditions, gender and age. This will also provide lots of valuable data for research and help the government to form informed policies to reduce air pollution levels.

The system has mainly two components: a device that measures pollutants and a mobile application. It has a completely modular construction which means you can easily swap modules in and out to add functionality on the fly. Currently, everyone knows that air pollution is increasing but many are unaware of what exactly the cause is and what can be done to reduce its effect. A real time system will help a user to take required actions and also spread awareness. This awareness can eventually change the habits of people which can further help reduce pollution levels. We have developed a working prototype of the system consisting of a mobile application and a device to measure various air pollutants. The application registers to a particular device and then gets pollution updates as measured by the device. Besides this the application takes the health conditions, age and gender as input and gives suggestions based on these inputs and current concentration of all the pollutants.

Challenges I ran into

The system will consist of two components. One is the mobile application that shows the current pollution level and a small device that measures the pollution by taking into account the concentration of key air pollutants. The user might want to set up the device outside his/her home/building which requires the device to be weather proof. Since the device can be set up by an individual inside his/her house, it should look good and small. Therefore designing the device to facilitate proper air flow while maintaining a small size is a challenge. A working internet connection is required for the device and mobile application to work together. A real time system requires the server to be robust. Therefore appropriate server space would be required. Also to give health suggestions we need comprehensive and verified information that relates different concentrations of air pollutants to a person’s health condition, age and gender.

What's next for AirZen

We are aiming to make it commercially available, and for that, we have designed the following Business Model and worked on some projections:

Business Model: link Projections: link

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