We have made revolutionary hack where people can do tasks by just moving their hand in the air. We hope that people who like virtual stuff can use this in their everyday life to set reminders, store data such or anything they can manage to just wave their finger in writing motion in the air and it will automatically parse the task trying to be achieved. Using OCR we convert those gestures into letters eventually combining them based on the users input.

We are proud of using accelerometer to achieve this even though that was the hardest part of this hack. Accelerometer only give acceleration, but to find the velocity and the position we had to do double integration, but even after doing that the raw data and the noise in the data would give a lot of inaccurate information. So to minimise the noise and errors a filter was applied that would make the graph of the data much smoother. We used another library that had built in character recognition making the converting gestures into words a lot easier.

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